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  • Merry Christmas!
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    Keep it Real

    From our Farm
    to your home

    As a five-time winner of Grand Champion Christmas Tree of Texas, Spring Creek Growers is proud to offer the freshest, most beautiful Christmas trees year after year. We have over 25 years of experience in the Christmas tree industry and strive to provide the best selection in the Houston area.

    A real Christmas tree is the perfect way to celebrate the magic of the season. Browse from our selections below.

    Choose &
    Cut Trees

    At Spring Creek Growers, we grow the Virginia Pine and Leyland Cypress Christmas trees for choosing and cutting at Christmastime. Both are fragrant and fast-growing.

    Virginia Pine
    A Southern Christmas Classic
    • Medium-Length Needles
    • Rigid Branches
    • Very Fragrant
    Leyland Cypress
    An Elegant, Allergen-Friendly Choice
    • Short to Medium-Length Needles
    • Flexible Branches
    • Mildly Fragrant

    Choose-and-cut trees in the fields are priced by height. To ensure future availability, we currently allow cutting of trees 6 ft. and above. However, Spring Creek Growers reserves the right to limit cutting of specific sizes and types of trees at any time.

    Each tree is hand sheared or shaped to maintain their Christmas tree shape. This is done usually two to three times a year with special saws. The farm has excellent soil to produce quality trees, and we provide irrigation to all 30 acres of the farm.

    When you choose your special tree, know that it has been lovingly cared for all year round.

    2023 Season Virginia Pine Pricing: 

    6.0 ft. $78

    6.5 ft. $86

    7.0 ft. $95

    7.5 ft. $105

    8.0 ft. $115

    8.5 ft. $126

    9.0 ft. $139

    9.5 ft. $155

    10.0 ft. $174

    10.5 ft. $192

    11.0 ft. $212

    11.5 ft. $232

    12.0 ft. $253

    12.5 ft. $275

    13.0 ft $295


    2023 Season Leyland Cypress & Italian Cypress Blue Smoke Pricing:

    6.0 ft. $82

    6.5 ft. $91

    7.0 ft. $99

    7.5 ft. $110

    8.0 ft. $121

    8.5 ft. $132

    9.0 ft. $144

    9.5 ft. $159

    10.0 ft. $179



    Christmas Trees Measure

    How it Works

    1. When you arrive, you will be provided with:
      • Hand Saw
      • Farm Map
      • Measuring Pole
      • Price Guide
      • Tree Tag
    2. Head out on a hayride or walk to our fields. Enjoy searching for your tree!
    3. Make your selection and cut it down. Don’t forget to document the occasion!
    4. Attach your Tree Tag to a very sturdy branch.
    5. A hayride driver will take your tree back to the barn for processing.
    6. Our team will shake your tree to remove excess needles, bale it, and assist you in loading it onto your vehicle.* (All included in the price of your tree!)
    7. Take home your fresh, beautiful Texas-grown Christmas tree!

    *Tree tie-on is offered as a courtesy. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the tree is secured. Twine is available free of charge for your convenience.

    Pre-Cut Fir Trees

    Along with our beautiful selection of field-grown trees, we also offer pre-cut Fraser firs from North Carolina and Noble and Nordmann firs from Oregon. All of these trees are stored and displayed in water in our state-of-the-art barn to maintain peak freshness.

    Our climate limitations prevent us from growing these fir trees in Texas, but we are proud to partner with expert growers in cooler climates to bring you a premium selection of fir trees ranging in size from 3-14 ft. tall. All pre-cut trees are individually priced.

    Living Trees

    For the ultimate environmentally-friendly option, we also grow our Leyland Cypress trees in containers so you can transplant your tree after Christmas. These trees range in height from 4-9 ft. tall.

    2023 Season Living Trees Pricing: 

    4 ft. in 3 gallon container $45

    6 ft. in 7 gallon container $98

    7 ft. in 15 gallon container $185

    9 ft. in 30 gallon container $295


    All tree sales are final. Spring Creek Growers is not responsible for the condition of any tree once it has left the premises. Please read and follow all tree care instructions provided.