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    What are your types of Christmas Trees?
    We grow Virginia Pine and Leyland Cypress Christmas trees on our farm. Both are recommended varieties for this area. The Virginia Pine is short-needled and very fragrant. The Leyland Cypress is less fragrant, has softer boughs and is generally recommended for people with allergies to other types of trees.
    Do we need to bring our own saw or axe?
    We provide hand saws for cutting your tree. Some folks bring their own. But, please chain saws and axes are not allowed!
    Can we bring our pets?
    Well-behaved and socially friendly dogs are welcome at the farm but must remain on a leash at all times. Their waste must be removed—we provide complimentary bags at the greeting station for your convenience. Thank you for keeping our grounds clean and beautiful.
    How can I pay for my tree?
    We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER credit cards. We do not accept personal/business checks. We are no longer accepting cash for payment.
    Will Spruce or Fir trees grow here?
    Unfortunately, no; they will not tolerate our heat and humidity.
    How long does it take to grow a Christmas Tree?
    Both the Virginia Pine and Leyland Cypress are fast growing trees. It takes about 3 years for them to reach 5 to 6 feet tall. They generally grow 2 feet a year. We usually receive plentiful rainfall, but we do irrigate when necessary to achieve 2 feet of growth per year.
    How do we get to the fields & back?
    We offer free hayrides, some pulled by our family's antique Farmall tractor to the fields. You are also more than welcome to walk to the fields and back. After you select your tree and cut it down, we will bring you and your tree back to the red barn where we will shake it and net it for you (all included in the price of your tree).
    Can we just come to play and take pictures?
    Unfortunately, no. The farm and activities are only open to customers wishing to purchase a Christmas tree the day of their visit. Capturing photos of your experience cutting your own Texas-grown Christmas tree is encouraged! All professional photography must be booked online in advance prior to Thanksgiving. You are not allowed to bring professional equipment, props of any kind nor clients after Thanksgiving. No professional photography is allowed after Thanksgiving.
    How do we care for our Christmas Tree after we cut it?
    Your fresh cut tree is similar to a fresh cut flower. It needs to be placed in water as soon as possible after cutting. If it will be more than an hour, then a fresh cut of 1 inch needs to be made on the bottom of the trunk to ensure that the tree takes up water. We recommend placing your tree in a stand that holds enough water to cover the trunk and remember to add water daily. Fresh trees drink lots of water initially, then, will taper off. Do not ever let them go dry. The tree will seal itself and will no longer take up water. If a seal does form and the tree is no longer drinking water, a fresh cut of 1-2 inches off the bottom of the trunk must be made.
    Do we need our own bait and tackle to fish?
    You are welcome to bring your own bait and tackle, or you can rent ours onsite. We have bass and perch to challenge you, and fishing is catch-and-release.
    Do you have restroom facilities?
    Yes, we have complete women and men's facilities located in a building near the old barn behind the greeting station and accessible facilities are located inside the farmhouse. A baby changing station is also available.
    Can we bring our own food for a picnic?
    Outside food is not allowed on the farm. We offer hot and cold beverages, bakery items, candy, snacks, and award-winning Tejas Barbecue will be offered at the farm!
    What Dates will Tejas Barbecue be serving?
    2023 Season Dates: November 18 - 19 November 24 - 26 December 2 - 3
    Can I pre-tag my tree in the field?
    No, we do not allow any pre-tagging or pre-selections.
    Are you open in the rain?
    The farm is open rain or shine. Hayrides and some other activities may close during the rain. Be prepared in rain gear as some areas can stay muddy and wet even after rain ends.