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    Looking for a Living Tree?

    Posted on Monday, November 6, 2023

    For the ultimate environmentally-friendly option, we grow our Leyland Cypress trees in containers so you can transplant your tree after Christmas. These trees range in height from 4-9 ft. tall.

    2023 Season Living Trees Pricing: 

    4 ft. in 3 gallon container $45

    6 ft. in 7 gallon container $98

    7 ft. in 15 gallon container $185

    9 ft. in 30 gallon container $295

    Leyland Cypress in a 3 gallon container:

    Leyland Cypress in a 7 gallon container:

    Leyland Cypress in a 15 gallon container:

    Leyland Cypress in a 30 gallon container:



    All tree sales are final. Spring Creek Growers is not responsible for the condition of any tree once it has left the premises. Please read and follow all tree care instructions provided.